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inVia: spectral performance

inVia offers exceptional spectral performance and incredible flexibility. This combination means you can be sure you will get the best Raman spectra from even the most difficult samples.

High spectral resolution

You can configure inVia to resolve spectral features narrower than 0.5 cm-1, so you can distinguish between close Raman bands, and differentiate very similar materials, such as pharmaceutical polymorphs.

High spectral stability

inVia's high stability enables you to monitor minute shifts in Raman band position (down to as low as 0.02 cm-1); this is vital in applications such as monitoring stress in semiconductor integrated devices.

Broad-range artefact-free spectra

inVia uses Renishaw's SynchroScan™ technology to measure high resolution spectra over broad spectral ranges. Spectra can, if required, span the complete Raman and photoluminescence range.

SynchroScan achieves extended coverage without having to use a low resolution diffraction grating or having to stitch multiple spectra together after collection (a technique that can suffer from spectral mismatches at the joins). Moreover, because SynchroScan uses one single acquisition, readout-noise is minimised, unlike approaches that use multiple spectral acquisitions, with multiple readouts.

inVia can, for example, acquire a high resolution spectrum from across the entire visible/near infrared region in one single continuous acquisition.

Low wavenumber performance

Some applications require the study of low wavenumber bands (bands very close to the laser wavelength). This enables analysis into the far infrared and terahertz regions of the EM spectrum. inVia supports a wide range of Rayleigh filters, including specialist low wavenumber filters:

Eclipse filters:

  • measure Raman bands down to below 10 cm-1(0.3 THz)
  • high throughput
  • fixed wavelength filters
  • easy to use

NExT filters:

  • acquire spectra from Raman bands down to 5 cm-1 (0.15 THz)
  • fully tuneable performance
  • can be used with multiple lasers

Optimum performance for all configurations

With inVia, you are guaranteed optimum performance and efficiency for all configurations. All the key interchangeable components are motorised and under computer control. When the configuration is changed, the software automatically moves these components to their optimum positions.

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