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Job contact probes

For workpiece inspection and job set-up on manual machine tools.

Specifically designed for manual machine tools.

Superior communication capability.

Outstanding performance for less scrap and higher profits.

Robust and repeatable

Job contact probes are inspection probes designed specifically for use with manual machine tools and are ideal for workpiece set-up and simple inspection.

Two versions of job contact probe are available, both using Renishaw's proven kinematic mechanism to ensure robust and repeatable reseating.

  • The JCP1, available with metric and imperial shanks, uses electrical conductivity to sense contact with a metallic workpiece: when the stylus touches the surface an LED is illuminated.
  • The JC30C variant, which provides a cable connection to digital readout counters with touch sensor inputs.

Features and benefits

  • Proven kinematic design.
  • Cable-free for unrestricted machine movement and ease of installation.
  • Cost-effective workpiece inspection.
  • 1 μm 2σ repeatability.