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Standard accuracy machine tool touch probes

The ability of the probe mechanism to reseat after triggering to within 1 μm is fundamental for repeatability and good metrology.

Standard accuracy
(kinematic) probes

Machine typeTransmission typeRepeatability (2σ)Maximum recommended stylus length
OMP40-2Small – mediumOptical1.0 µm150 mm
OLP40Turning centreOptical1.0 µm150 mm
OMP60Medium – largeOptical1.0 µm150 mm
RMP40Small – mediumRadio1.0 µm150 mm
RLP40Turning centreRadio1.0 µm150 mm
RMP60Medium – largeRadio1.0 µm150 mm
LP2Turning centre / grinderHard-wired1.0 µm100 mm
JCPManual machineHard-wired1.0 µm42.75 mm
Primo™ Radio Part SetterSmall – largeRadio1.0 µm150 mm

Modular systems (OMP40M, RMP40M, OMP60M and RMP60M)


Explore a range of accessories for machine tool probes, including calibration artefacts and shanks. Sourcing accessories from Renishaw ensures probing longevity and optimal performance.