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Inspection Plus - macro software for CNC machine tools

Inspection Plus offers a wide range of easy-to-use probing cycles for Renishaw machine tool probes. Cycles range from basic part set-up and inspection through to more complex vector and angular inspection routines.

Ease of use

Experienced users can create and execute cycles using traditional G-code techniques. New or less experienced users can use GoProbe which offers a simplified programming method supported with a self-study training kit and smartphone app.

Inspection Plus also supports a wide range of Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) including GoProbe iHMI and Set and Inspect – providing user friendly interfaces for our part setting and inspection cycles.

Intelligent optimisation

Inspection Plus uses SupaTouch technology to intelligently minimise cycle times, increase productivity and deliver significant improvements in metrology.

Advanced functionality for ultimate process control

Compatible with all major machine tool controls and types, this machine-resident package – requires no other external peripherals.

Available as a simple retrofit or OEM/distributor installation, the package is commonly used for job set-up, component identification and defined interval inspection. The software exports measurement results data – size, position and errors – to machine variables, allowing further calculations to be performed and logic functionality applied as necessary.

Set and Inspect drives manufacturing improvements

Find out how our customers are using our range of machine tool apps to simplify their manufacturing process.

The new Hartrol Plus controller has been designed to make our machines easy to use. Set and Inspect is the perfect addition as its graphical user interface means that operators can program machine tool probing routines with ease.

Hartford (Taiwan)

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