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Latest innovations

In addition to VIONiC™ all-in-one digital encoder series and miniature incremental ATOM™, Renishaw's ongoing investment in R&D now gives us the launch of RESOLUTE™ FS (Functional Safety), Renishaw's first functionally safe absolute open optical encoder.

RESOLUTE FS (Functional Safety)

RESOLUTE FS is a true absolute open optical encoder system certified to the following functional safety standards:


ISO 13849:2015 PLd

IEC 61508:2010 SIL2

IEC 61800-5-2:2007 SIL2


Certain machinery safety functions, such as Safety Limited Speed (SLS), require the encoder feedback to be functionally safe. Utilising an encoder system that is already rated for use in these applications can make machine certification significantly easier. Adopting these advanced machine safety functions allows machine builders to make safer machines, capable of higher functionality that reduce set-up times and machine downtime.

Find out more about RESOLUTE FS.


VIONiC™ incremental super compact encoder series, digital output direct from the readhead

The VIONiC series is Renishaw's digital all-in-one incremental encoder of choice because it satisfies a wide range of motion control requirements. The series consists of 2 products:

  • Standard VIONiC for medium to high-end applications 
  • VIONiCplus™ for the most demanding applications






Digital resolutions from 5 µm to 20 nm direct from the readhead

Digital resolutions from 0.1 µm to 2.5 nm direct from the readhead

Sub-Divisional Error: rotary Ø >135 mm and linear

Typically <±30 nm

Typically <±10 nm

Sub-Divisional Error: rotary Ø <135 mm

Typically <±30 nm

Typically <±20 nm

Jitter (RMS)

Down to 1.6 nm

Down to 1.6 nm

Maximum speed

12 m/s

3.63 m/s

Find out more about VIONiC.

VIONiC encoder series

ATOM™ incremental miniature 20 µm and 40 µm encoder series

ATOM is Renishaw's miniature non-contact optical incremental linear and rotary encoder system. Its innovative design combines miniaturisation with leading-edge signal stability, dirt immunity and reliability. This combination is unique in the market place and represents a significant advance in the performance and reliability of miniature encoders.

ATOM systems are simple to install with integrated LED for signal integrity indication.

A range of interfaces is available including high-performance Ti, Ri and the compact PCB ACi interface.

Find out more about ATOM.
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