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MODUS™ airfoil analysis

MODUS blade fitting functionality for the calculation and reporting of blade section profile and airfoil characteristics.

MODUS airfoil analysis

With the nominal airfoil sections available from the CAD model and the actual sections from MPCS, it is now possible to report profile and airfoil characteristics.

Profile evaluation

Blade profile analysis

MODUS incorporates comprehensive profile evaluation and graphical reporting tools. The profile measurement results are totally integrated with all other feature measurement reports and can be produced in PDF format.

Airfoil evaluation

MODUS provides comprehensive airfoil evaluation functionality with graphical reporting tools. Characteristics that can be analysed include:

  • Aerofoil evaluationMaximum thickness
  • Leading and trailing edge radii, angles and thicknesses
  • Twist angles
  • Chordal distances
  • Centroids