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XM-60 and XM-600 multi-axis calibrator performance specification


Measurement accuracy±0.5 ppm (with environmental compensation)
Resolution1 nm

Measurement range

0 m to 4 m
Linear measurement icon

Angular (pitch/yaw)

Accuracy±0.004A ±(0.5 μrad +0.11M μrad)
(A = displayed error reading)
(M = measured distance in metres)
Resolution0.03 μrad
Measurement range±500 µrad
Angular measurement icon
Measurement accuracyTypical range: ±0.01A ±1 μm
Extended range: ±0.01A ±1.5 μm
(A = displayed error reading)
Resolution 0.25 μm
Measurement rangeTypical range: ±50 µm radius
Extended range: ±250 µm radius
Straightness measurement icon
Accuracy±0.01A ±6.3 μrad
(A = displayed error reading)
Resolution0.12 μrad
Measurement range±500 µrad
Roll measurement icon
Accuracy values are reported to a statistical confidence of 95% (k=2). They do not include the errors associated with the normalisation of the readings to a material temperature of 20 °C.