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High-accuracy touch probes for CNC machines

With unbeatable 3D measurement capability, our family of high-accuracy touch probes for CNC machines offer an exceptional performance. With ultra-low trigger forces and high repeatability, high-accuracy probes are ideal for setting and inspecting complex workpieces.

Ultimate 5-axis machine tool measurement

Engineered for over a decade, our high-accuracy touch probes provide unparalleled performance and capabilities. Thanks to the innovative strain gauge sensors, probes with patented RENGAGE™ technology provide a competitive advantage.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, they address the 3D performance limitations of many alternative probe designs. Use to set workpieces, control machining processes, or to inspect a workpiece after machining has completed.

  • Superior 3D accuracy - Unrivalled submicron performance when measuring complex 3D shapes and contours.
  • Ultra-low trigger force - Helps eliminate surface and form damage when inspecting delicate workpieces.
  • Robustly engineered - Providing reliable measurement and long service life, even in the harshest environments.
  • High-accuracy measurement - Inspect complex parts and difficult-to-reach features, even with very small, long, or custom styli.

Reduce scrap, enhance productivity, and increase profits

OMP600 strain gauge touch-trigger probe - Benchmarking white

Designed to suit different machine tool sizes and machining applications, our high-accuracy probes feature RENGAGE technology, combining strain gauge sensors with ultra-compact electronics.

As the strain gauges are independent from the kinematic mechanism, it enables an ultra-low trigger force. This provides exceptional measurement accuracy and eliminates the possibility of surface and form damage on the parts inspected.

Constructed from high-grade materials, Renishaw high-accuracy machine tool probes are robust and reliable. Capable of withstanding even the harshest environments, including shock, vibration, temperature extremes, and even continual liquid immersion.

We are happy with the accuracy of the RMP600 and the consequent reduction in scrap parts further down the production line. These are large, expensive components and we can use the probe to identify and avoid errors.

Flann Microwave (UK)

Find the perfect high-accuracy touch probe for your manufacturing operations

Recommended machine typeUnidirectional repeatabilityTransmission typeCompatible interfaces*Recommended stylus length
OMP400Small to medium machining centres and small multi-tasking machines0.25 µm 2σOpticalOMI-2, OMI-2T, OMI-2H, OMI-2C or OSI with OMM-2Up to 200 mm
OMP600All sizes of machining centres and small to medium multi-tasking machines0.25 µm 2σOpticalOMI-2, OMI-2T, OMI-2H, OMI-2C or OSI with OMM-2Up to 200 mm
RMP400/RMP600All sizes of multi-tasking machines, machining centres and gantry machines0.25 µm 2σRadioRMI-Q or RMI-QE**Up to 200 mm
MP250CNC grinders0.25 µm 2σHard-wiredHSI or HSI-CUp to 100 mm

*all Renishaw machine tool probes require the purchase of a compatible interface.

** RMI-QE interface is only compatible with QE series probes.

Optical transmission probes

OMP400 and NC4 prismatic part


OMP600 angled head


Measuring just 40 mm in diameter, the ultra-compact OMP400 probe is ideal for users of small to medium machining centres. Whilst the compact OMP600, 63 mm in diameter, is suitable for all sizes of machining centres. These probes are an effective solution when there is line-of-sight between the probe and receiver or interface.
  • Proven and patented with RENGAGE technology.
  • Secure and robust infrared transmission with operating range up to 5 m (OMP400) and 6 m (OMP600).
  • Unidirectional repeatability of 0.25 µm 2σ.

Radio transmission probes

RMP400 probing bore


RMP600 bore probing


The ultra-compact RMP400 measures just 40 mm in diameter, whilst the compact RMP600 measures 63 mm. Both probes offer an exceptionally reliable probing solution designed for larger machines or installations where the spindle is not within line-of-sight of the receiver.
  • RENGAGE™ technology combined with radio transmission for hassle free probing.
  • Avoids interference and dead spots with frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology.
  • Operating range of up to 15 m.
  • Trusted choice for many customers.
  • Unidirectional repeatability of 0.25 µm 2σ.

Hard-wired probe

MP250 high-accuracy inspecting fluted tool


Designed for a minimal footprint and maximum impact, the miniature and versatile MP250 is just 25 mm in diameter and 36 mm in length – providing process control even in the smallest and most harsh machining environments.
  • RENGAGE technology for exceptionally reliable measurement over a long service life.
  • Battery and interference free with hard-wired connection as standard.
  • Enhanced protection against abrasive particle-laden environments with a double diaphragm sealing and vibration-resistant configurations, such as grinding applications.
  • Custom styli capable for probing on different surfaces and features whilst maintaining outstanding accuracy.
  • Unidirectional repeatability of 0.25 µm 2σ.

Increase probing flexibility by pairing the MP250 with the HPGA tool setting arm - a highly repeatable, automated rotary platform, configured to move the probe in and out of the working environment in between cycles.

Achieving maximum accuracy from your machine tool probe

Accurate metrology is critical for making high-quality parts. The use of probing can improve your part processes, but any errors in the manual set-up of a spindle probe can ripple through to the machined part.

ACS-1 (Advanced Calibration Sphere) eliminates the need for manual use of precision gauge blocks or slips, ensuring consistent and reliable probe calibration.

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