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Calibration certificates (factory)

Each Renishaw certificate is unique and is identified by a certificate number. It gives details of the specific test results for each unit in tabular and graphical format (with separate details for before and after adjustment and repair if required), and uncertainty of measurement. This enables you to see clearly whether or not the unit meets published specifications or your own requirements.

The certificate also includes:

  • A description of the calibration process
  • Test environment and applicable standards
  • Traceability data (artefacts used and calibration details)

The date of testing and the date of printing the certificate are separately noted and the results are signed by a Renishaw authorised person, all in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17025.

Note that separate laser and sensor certification (and digital communication between units) allows you to interchange components whilst maintaining traceable accuracy for the whole system; something that isn't possible if you have a single 'system' calibration.

XL-80 calibration certificates

XR20-W calibration certificate

XM-60 calibration certificate

QC20-W calibration certificates

Certificate of conformity

The XM-60 certificate of conformity is unique to each system and is identified by the serial numbers of the launch and receiver units that form the XM-60 system.  It gives details of the published specification that the system has been tested against, and certified to meet.  The certificate includes:

  • the date the system was tested
  • the performance specification the system will achieve
  • the uncertainty of measurement

The date of testing and the date of printing the certificate of conformity are separately noted and the results are signed by a Renishaw authorised person.

XM-60 certificate of conformity

Recalibration certificates

The factory calibration is only required to enable the initial characterisation of sensors in environmental compensator systems (EC10 and XC-80). The use of a simplified recalibration process at service centres* has been adopted after extensive data comparison has shown that the two processes give equivalent results. As a result the content and layout of certificates for the compensator (and separate sensors, if tested) is also different from the originally (factory) supplied items.

* UK, Germany, USA and China (PRC).

XC-80 recalibration certificates

Declarations of conformity

The QC20-W ballbar, XL-80 laser, XC-80 compensator and XR20-W rotary axis calibrator are all CE marked, demonstrating their compliance with relevant European standards and directives. 

Declarations of conformity covering our CE marked products are supplied below.

XL-80 declarations of conformity

XM-60 declaration of conformity

XR20-W declaration of conformity

QC20-W declaration of conformity