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High-accuracy machine tool touch probes

Unparalleled accuracy and repeatability make this technology the best choice for complex multi-axis work and machine calibration.

High-accuracy (strain gauge/ RENGAGE™) probesMachine typeTransmission typeRepeatability (2σ)3D lobingMaximum recommended stylus length
OMP400Small – mediumOptical0.25 µm±1.00 µm200 mm
OMP600Medium – largeOptical0.25 µm±1.00 µm200 mm
RMP600Medium – largeRadio0.25 µm±1.00 µm200 mm
MP250GrinderHard-wired0.25 µm±1.00 µm100 mm
Scanning probeMachine typeTransmission typeScanning measurement rangeMaximum scanning deflection
Maximum recommended stylus length
OSP60Small – largeOptical±XY 0.3 mm
(0.012 in)
±Z 0.15 mm
(0.006 in)
±XY 0.80 mm
(0.031 in)
+Z 0.61 mm
(0.024 in)
150 mm