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inVia: safety

Renishaw meticulously designs and constructs its systems to ensure safety, whilst still retaining simplicity and ease-of-use.

Renishaw's Raman systems are available as Class 1, Class 3B or Class 4 laser products, to suit different operational needs. These options are also available for inverted and freespace microscopes.

Laser safety and interlocks

inVia, in its standard form, is a fully interlocked system. It ensures safety by automatically shuttering lasers during excitation wavelength changes. inVia's software tests the integrity of the interlocks during routine operation.

Your inVia can be configured to be Class 1 laser safety compliant, either at the time of purchase, or as an upgrade. Class 1 laser devices are safe under normal use and are suitable for a normal office or laboratory environment.

Quality assurance

Every instrument is reviewed to ensure it meets your laser safety requirements.

Microscope enclosures

inVia is available with two standard microscope enclosure options: Class 1 and Class 3B. The enclosures also prevent stray room light interfering with measurements, enabling you to use inVia in a brightly lit room.


Renishaw normally equips inVia microscopes with eyepieces because your eyes are still the best way to see the sample.

Renishaw designed the inVia Reflex system to prevent any laser light from passing through the eyepieces. It is still important for you to see the location of the focused laser spot on the sample, so we provide convenient white light, laser and combined viewing options on the video monitor.

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