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inVia: spatial resolution

Choose the resolution you need

You choose the best resolution for your sample. This can range from sub-micrometre diffraction limited performance and TERS (tip-enhanced Raman scattering) ultra-high resolution, to the gathering of average spectra covering square centimetres.

High spatial resolution

inVia's optical design enables you to achieve a very high level of confocality (the ability to reject signal from regions away from the point of interest). This ensures you achieve the highest spatial resolutions possible, limited only by the inherent diffraction limit of the light.

Renishaw chose a Leica high quality microscope as the standard option for inVia. With this research grade microscope—which can be equipped with high magnification objective lenses—you can achieve both high stability and high spatial resolution.

inVia uses wavelength-specific optics to expand the width of laser beams (visible, near- and deep-UV) so that they match the back aperture of high numerical aperture microscope objectives. Without this facility, it is not possible to obtain a diffraction limited laser spot on the sample.

TERS ultra-high resolution

You can exploit the tip-enhanced Raman scattering effect (TERS) if you need a higher resolution than the diffraction limit.

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