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inVia: speed

Your time is precious; you need the best Raman results, and you need them quickly. Renishaw's engineers have designed inVia to be efficient and fast.

High efficiency optimised optical system

Renishaw has designed inVia specifically for Raman microscopy. It provides high overall system efficiency, not just high detector efficiency. This enables you to acquire your data rapidly.

High quality optics

inVia's superb optical efficiency results from the use of high quality components and a design that minimises the number of optics in the beam path.

Optimised laser delivery

Visible, near infrared and ultraviolet lasers each use a separate optimised laser delivery path. This ensures you achieve the best results from each laser, without compromise.

Efficient light handling

inVia uses a Rayleigh filter to both reflect laser light towards the sample and filter the scattered light. This geometry does not need a conventional beamsplitter. This maximises both the laser power on the sample and the light transmission to the detector.

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