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LP2 modular probe system

For workpiece inspection and job set‑up on all sizes of lathes, machining centres and CNC grinders.

High-performance, compact probes, suitable for inspection and tool setting applications.

LP2 and LP2H

LP2 is the standard offering, while LP2H has a higher spring force, allowing the use of longer styli and providing greater resistance to machine vibration. DD variants of both probes are available with double diaphragm sealing for use in harsh environments with particle-laden coolant.

All variants are suitable for use with the modular OMP40M and OMP60M optical transmission systems; RMP40M and RMP60M radio transmission systems; and inductive transmission modules. They can also be hard-wired for grinder inspection applications.

Features and benefits

  • Proven kinematic design.
  • Interference-resistant, hard-wired communication.
  • Miniature design.
  • Increased environmental protection.
  • 1 μm to 2 μm 2σ repeatability (dependent on probe).

Old machines have been given a new lease of life because they now have intelligence via the probe and can therefore react to issues as they arise. New machines won't get through the door now without probes. So far, as value for money goes, they are easily the best bit of kit we've got on the camshaft line.


Benefits of on-machine probing

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Compatible interfaces / transmission units – HSI.