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MP250 high-accuracy machine probe

High accuracy touch-trigger probe, designed for grinding applications


Unrivalled 3D performance

Superior accuracy with ultra-low pre-travel variation.

Robust design for harsh environments.

The Renishaw MP250 probe is designed to keep grinding processes under control – ensuring parts are machined right first time, allowing more parts to be produced reliably and accurately, thereby increasing productivity and profits.

Equipped with RENGAGE™ technology, the system offers unbeatable 3D accuracy and repeatability – enabling reliable on-machine measurement.

Small probe, big impact

Reduce scrap, enhance productivity and increase profits – the MP250 can keep your grinding process under control.

Designed for grinding applications

Machining in harsh environments

Performance in harsh environments

A double diaphragm sealing allows the MP250 probe to function in abrasive particle-laden environments often found in grinding machines – even in these conditions, the probe maintains exceptionally reliable measurement over a long service life.

MP250 calibration bar

Compact design

The MP250 is only 25 mm in diameter – being so small in size allows for better access in machines where space is at a premium.

MP250 calibration sphere

Withstand machine vibration

Superior performance is sustained even when the probe is subjected to high levels of vibration – often experienced during turning and grinding operations. If machine vibration is a problem, the probe can be switched to a more vibration-resistant configuration.

MP250 inspecting fluted tool

Use with custom styli

Long and heavy custom styli – often required for tool and cutter measurement on grinding machines – can be used with the MP250. RENGAGE™ technology allows the probe to maintain outstanding accuracy – ensuring low pre-travel variation, even when used with large styli.

0.25 µm 2σ

Unidirectional repeatability

±1.00 µm

3D lobing in X, Y and Z

0.08 N

Ultra-low stylus trigger force in XY

3D measurement with RENGAGE™ technology

MP250 strain gauge mechanism

RENGAGE™ technology, combines proven silicon strain gauge technology with ultra-compact electronics – allowing on-machine probing systems to achieve outstanding 3D measurement capability and submicron repeatability.

As the strain gauges are independent from the kinematic mechanism, probes with RENGAGE technology have an ultra-low trigger force – providing exceptional measurement accuracy as well eliminating the possibility of surface and form damage.

System components

MP250 probing system

HSI-C interface

A hard-wired transmission interface that conveys and processes signals between the inspection probe and the CNC machine controller. Different probe operating configurations can be selected by a switch on the interface.

FS10 / FS20 socket

A socket that provides a robust mounting position for the inspection probe and a fully screened, hard-wired connection between the inspection probe and the interface.

MP250 inspection probe

A 25 mm diameter touch-trigger inspection probe, equipped with RENGAGE technology for high-accuracy measurement.


A range of solid high modulus carbon fibre styli has been developed for use specifically with strain gauge probes. These styli are designed to minimise pre-travel variation and improve the accuracy of the probe. Specialised application-specific styli can also be used.

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