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Upgrade any CMM

A complete solution featuring leading-edge technology in every aspect and backed up by service and support, direct from Renishaw for customers of all brands of CMM, including Hexagon and Zeiss.

A solution for all brands of CMM

A Renishaw retrofit gives users of all brands of CMM access to state-of-the-art technology, with the security of global service and support direct from the manufacturer.

The operational benefits of increased productivity, reduced inspection lead times and greater automation of measurement tasks are available to all CMM users. A retrofit allows users to continue using their machine structure, whilst upgrading the critical elements of the measurement system, dramatically improving metrology performance.

Unlock the hidden potential of your CMMs

Read a white paper outlining the opportunities to enhance the measurement capability and performance of existing CMMs through retrofitting of state-of-the-art software, controller and sensor technologies.

  • White paper:  Unlock the hidden potential of your CMMs

    Advances in sensors, metrology software and controller technology now offer the opportunity to transform existing CMMs, providing greater accuracy, faster measurement, more automation and new capabilities, whilst taking full advantage of CAD-driven programming.

5-axis measurement systems

A retrofit makes Renishaw's high performance 5-axis measurement systems, REVO® and PH20™, accessible to users of all brands of CMM. Unlike conventional CMM measurement methods, 5-axis measurement technology uses the synchronised motion of CMM and head axes to minimise dynamic errors at ultra-high measuring speeds.

An ISO 17025 accredited REVO retrofit delivers up to 70% cycle time savings, non-contact inspection and surface finish analysis on a single CMM.

PH20 brings 5-axis measurement advantages to touch-trigger applications, typically offering a 3-fold improvement in throughput.

MODUS 2 manual upgrade kit

  • Flyer:  Manual CMM upgrade kit specification

    A Renishaw manual CMM retrofit transforms your machine into a fast, easy to use measurement facility. As well as the MODUS 2 software, upgrade kits include controller, power supply, 3-way footswitch, scale and readheads for 3 axes (if required), plus all the necessary cabling and connectors.

Manual CMM upgrades

Renishaw's MODUS 2 metrology software suite now includes a manual machine option that provides access to sophisticated measurement capability with a simple, easy to use tool and support for the complete range of Renishaw's CMM touch trigger probes.

Quicker and easier machine operation

The manual upgrade kit elements and software features optimise machine operation and will transform your CMM into a fast measurement facility.

MODUS 2 supports a touch screen monitor that provides a more convenient alternative to using a mouse, when the operator needs to simultaneously hold the CMM and interact with the software.

Additionally, the 3‑way footswitch allows hands-free interaction for many frequently used functions.

Extended warranty

For peace of mind a 3-year warranty is available for your new CMM products during the first 3 months from purchase. Contact your vendor.

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