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Built on standards

MODUS metrology software is built on industry standards including the I++ DME protocol, native DMIS and a Microsoft® SQL server database.

This ensures maximum interoperability with existing programs, reports and enterprise systems.

I++ DME compliant

I++ DME logo

MODUS interfaces with Renishaw's UCC range of universal CMM controllers using the I++ DME protocol, which provides a common language for metrology commands. This leaves UCC users free to use other I++ DME-compliant metrology applications in the future, rather than being tied into a single proprietary solution.

I++ integration

Full, exact DMIS compliance

DMIS codeMODUS provides complete support for native DMIS, with both text and summary views of the measurement program. This makes for quick conversion of existing programs with minimal re-writing needed, enabling MODUS users to take advantage of the its capabilities with the minimum of delay.

The context-sensitive editor provides high-level programming capability, including:

  • Variable declaration, Integer, Real, Double, String, Booleans and Arrays
  • Macros
  • Modular programming with CALL
  • IF, ELSE, ENDIF statements
  • JUMP
  • DO loops
  • Intrinsic functions
  • PROMPT statement to create graphical dialog boxes with buttons, check boxes, list boxes, radio buttons and images

Future proof

REVO inspecting blisk

MODUS is a future-proof investment, ensuring guaranteed availability of the latest sensor and controller technology advancements from Renishaw, including future sensors for the REVO 5-axis measuring head.

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