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Programming and simulation

MODUS provides a powerful range of programming functions, both offline and by the CMM, supported by an easy to use interface that assists with measurement best practice.

Programming overview

MODUS provides a comprehensive suite of 3-dimensional metrology functions, delivered via an intuitive user interface that features full graphical display of measurement routines.

Wizards provide a quick and easy way to specify common measurement tasks, ensuring good practice is applied, without the need for specialist programming skills.

Key features

  • Touch-trigger, 3- and 5-axis scanning - MODUS enables the entire range of Renishaw sensors to be used in several measurement modes. Continuous scan paths support comprehensive analysis of feature form.
  • Flexible part programming - programs can be developed offline from CAD data, or in ‘teach' mode using the CMM joystick.
  • Metrology expertise without the learning curve - wizards encapsulate measurement best practice and allow rapid programming and feature automatic error recovery logic.
  • Part alignments - ranging from simple 3-2-1 alignments to complex freeform alignment with optional iteration and best fitting.
  • Automated feature recognition from measured points and creation of labelled CAD features for all defined, measured or constructed features.
  • Real-time graphical reporting provides immediate on-screen results with an automated page layout.
  • Automated head angle calculation.
  • Develop and run custom Microsoft® Visual Basic scripts for ultimate flexibility.
MODUS iterative alignment points

MODUS user-configurable interface screenshot

Offline programming and simulation

Time spent programming on a CMM is time that the machine is not measuring. MODUS provides a complete offline programming environment in which users can develop and simulate programs before they are ready to run by the time they reach the CMM, dramatically reducing CMM down-time.

Offline programming features

Instant program generation

Measurement points can be imported from a file straight into a part program and then quickly manipulated. Points can be sorted by position, snapped and orientated to the nearest CAD surface, or simply edited using the graphic user interface, reducing programming time and effort significantly.

REVO 5-axis measurement

MODUS provides a range of wizard-driven commands to define unique 5-axis measurements such as ‘helical scans', ‘scan on curve' and ‘sweep scan'.

Full simulation

With knowledge of the part model, fixture and the CMM environment, MODUS can simulate all measurement strategies including 5-axis scans.

MODUS probe path simulation screenshot

MODUS screenshot blisk measurement

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