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MMclient software allows the original MeasureMax software to run on a CMM utilising Renishaw's UCC controller system, therefore avoiding the need to translate programs. This product will be of particular interest to companies wishing to retrofit Renishaw's new PH20 5-axis system.

MMclient utilises the I++DME protocol to communicate with the Renishaw UCCserver application. This allows sharing of probes and tool changers between MODUS and MeasureMax. A typical installation scenario is shown below.

MMclient illustration

In this case the user can run either MODUS to develop and run new ‘5-axis' programs or switch to MeasureMax to run legacy programs.

* MeasureMax is a registered trademark of Hexagon Metrology Inc

MMclient objectives…

  • To allow existing MeasureMax part programmes to run on UCCserver equipped CMMs with minimal, or no changes
  • To maintain the MeasureMax environment such that existing MeasureMax users notice little, if any difference
  • To support all Renishaw probing systems

MMclient is not tied in any way to MODUS. It is an independent application, supplied with a hardware security lock (dongle), which will run on any UCC equipped CMM utilising the UCCserver software. If purchased with MODUS then a single dongle is provided, that is both the MODUS and MMclient licences are on one dongle. If purchased on its own a dongle is provided that contains only the MMclient license.

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