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HS20 long range laser encoder

The Renishaw HS20 laser encoder system combines the ultimate accuracy of a laser interferometer with the robustness needed for machine tool applications.

The Renishaw HS20 laser head, in combination with an external linear optics kit, forms a non-contact interferometric laser encoder system for long axis, high accuracy linear position feedback applications.

The HS20 laser system is suitable for use in harsh machine shop environments with ±1.0 part per million (ppm or µm/m) being achievable for axis lengths up to 60 m.

Features and benefits

  • Sub-micron resolution - when integrated into the machine feedback system it gives sub-micron feedback at rates up to 2 m/s (depending on configuration).
  • Non-contact measurement - eliminates the associated errors found in rack and pinion or ball screw feedback systems, such as hysteresis, backlash, mechanical and cyclic errors.
  • Easy configuration and set up - a single set of dip switches allow for the laser head to be easily configured.

To maintain accuracy over a range of environmental conditions, the HS20 should be used in combination with the RCU10 compensation system, which compensates for the air refractive index changes due to variations in the ambient environment. The RCU10 can also be used to convert a laser wavelength related resolution to a more standard resolution. For example, the RCU10 can be used to convert 633 nm to 1 µm output resolution.

HS20 overview

Laser source Class 2 HeNe
Compensated system accuracy ±1.0 ppm (µm/m)
Range 0 to 60 m
Analogue output signal period 316 nm
Digital quadrature output resolutions 79, 158, 316 and 633 nm
Output update rates

1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 MHz

Maximum speedUp to 2 m/s

HS10 vs HS20 compatibility

The HS20 is designed to be fully backwards compatible with HS10 and HS10X installations: upgrading to HS20 is virtually 'plug and play'. Set up is simplified and has improved power connections and external configuration.

The performance of HS20 is equal to the outgoing HS10X product. To encourage upgrades to HS20 (and previous model compensator systems), Renishaw can offer significant discounts on list pricing. This can be particularly attractive when you take into account repair and servicing costs for the older systems compared to the warranted new system.

Product information