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Laser encoder service and repair

Service and repair

Before returning any units for repair or replacement, please contact the laser encoder product support team. To minimise disruption to your operations, where possible, we will always try to resolve any issues by phone or email first, before deciding that the unit needs returning to Renishaw.

Renishaw offers a full range of service options to ensure ongoing performance and allowing you to comply with quality assurance and business requirements. All laser encoder repairs are carried out by our skilled technicians at our UK Service Centre. In addition to standard repairs, "Repair by Exchange" (RBE) units are also available for several items as a cost effective repair option.

Advance RBE (Repair By Exchange)

Through this service we ship you 'as new' replacement product. This simple-to-use option is designed to minimise downtime caused by in-service failures. To take advantage of this option, simply call your local Renishaw office confirming your purchase order number, tell us the serial number of your system, and we will ship you a replacement. Your formal purchase order and the "damaged unit" should be forwarded to Renishaw as soon as possible.

These RBE service options enable existing customers to replace faulty products, with reduced expenditure and downtime, without compromising process integrity.