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Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is involved in any machine that incorporates some kind of movement or motion. Everything from cars to disk drives – the list is endless.

What is mechanical engineering?

Every industry you can think of depends on some form of mechanical engineering. Put simply, it deals with any ‘machines' – big or small - that incorporate movement or motion. Think cars, planes, engines, robots, wind turbines, vacuum cleaners, computer printers and disk drives – the list is simply endless.

So, it's no surprise that mechanical engineering is regarded as by far the most diverse of all engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineers provide mechanical solutions needed for the development and manufacture of all kinds of different products, from the tiniest component to the very largest system.

What's more, because so many of our machines today rely on their mechanical movements being controlled by electronics and software, ‘mechatronic engineering' has become recognised as a further important category of engineering.

Mechatronic engineering blends together mechanical engineering and electronic engineering and is referred to by some as ‘modern mechanical engineering'. Mechatronic engineers need a very broad knowledge of engineering, spanning electronics, mechanics and software.

The mechanical and mechatronic engineers employed at Renishaw work at all stages of the product development process; from initial research and development to design and production, from product testing through to quality control.