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Medical engineering

Medical engineering involves designing devices and machines that enable the healthcare industry to provide patients with better care and treatment.

What is medical engineering?

Medical engineering combines all the skills of engineering with a knowledge of medicine and human biology to design innovative new devices and machines to enable the healthcare industry to provide patients with better care and treatment.  Medical engineering directly affects the quality of people's lives throughout the world.

The healthcare industry is by far the world's biggest industrial sector and the UK is a world leader in medical engineering research and manufacture.  As a result, job opportunities for medical engineers are particularly good and span a wide range of careers.


Just think for a moment about some of the incredible advances already made in medical engineering: dialysis machines, artificial joints, bionic arms, retina chips to restore sight, hearing aids, circuits and sensors to restore the senses of taste and smell.  It's certainly an exciting and challenging area of engineering.


And at Renishaw medical engineers continue to push the boundaries of medical engineering by further reducing the gap between engineering and medicine.  We're involved in image guidance systems for brain surgery, CAD/CAM scanning systems for dental laboratories and metal 3D printed implants for facial reconstruction.