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TB20 universal kit

Provides remote triggering for the XL-80 laser system.

TB20 quadrature trigger box can be used to remotely trigger the XL-80 laser. It monitors the position feedback signals between a machine's encoders and its controller and feeds trigger signals to the XL-80. This allows synchronisation of scale position or movement to the XL-80 data capture. TB20 is primarily used in applications such as leadscrew or encoder system calibration.

The TB20 is mains-powered and works with TTL quadrature or analogue current loop encoders and triggers the laser measurement at regular user-defined intervals. TB20 replaces the functionality of TB10.

Data capture

Two types of data capture can be achieved using the TB20:

  • Quasi-static - where the axis moves to pre-defined intervals and stops for the measurement to be taken.
  • Dynamic - where the axis moves without stopping and TB20 triggers measurements to be taken.

Quasi-static data capture can be performed using CARTO software, whereas dynamic data capture will require LaserXL software.

The kit contains:

  • TB20 trigger box
  • XL trigger cable
  • Power supply cable
  • Plug adaptor kit
  • 2 TB20 encoder and controller port connectors

Part number: A-8003-4475

Download user guide


TB20 is compatible with analogue and digital quadrature encoders that require a 5V power supply. It supports:

  • Analogue 1Vpp encoder
  • Analogue microcurrent encoder
  • Digital encoder

The maximum velocity for analogue encoder applications is 1 m/s. Digital encoder velocities are as follows:


Velocity m/s

0.05 µm


0.1 µm


0.5 µm