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Appendix 3 - Multiple Renishaw probe type installations

For installations using SP600M and other Renishaw probing systems, Renishaw has developed the IS1-2 interface selector system. The unit functions by identifying which probe has been fitted and switches the probe signal / power lines to an appropriate interface.

The system comprises an IS1-2 stand alone or rack mountable selector unit, a separate power supply unit, additional probe connection cables and special output connection cables to combine
the various outputs.

The IS1-2 has four separate outputs and is fully compatible with Renishaw's autochange system and motorised heads via the Renishaw product interconnection system (PICS). This allows any
combination of the following Renishaw probes:

  • SP600M - analogue scanning probe
  • TP7M - high precision touch-trigger probe
  • TP2 - touch-trigger probe
  • TP6 - touch-trigger probe
  • TP20 - touch-trigger probe
  • TP200 - touch-trigger probe

NOTE: Please refer to the IS1-2 user's guide (Renishaw part number H-1000-5085) and the PICS installation guide (Renishaw part number H-1000-5000), or contact Renishaw directly for further information on these systems.