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Datuming SCP600

NOTE: As the SCP600 port is of modular design, it is suggested that the following routine is completed under manual control for each port installed.

The following is the recommended procedure for locating and datuming the SCP600 after it is fitted to the MRS rail, and is in position on the CMM table. The procedure assumes the SCP600 port is aligned to the CMMs axis, with a maximum run out of 0.5 mm across points A and B (instructions for fitting the SCP600 to the rail are given on page 'SCR600 installation').


1. Push the lid of the SCP600 port to the extreme of travel (this assumes that the SCP600 is connected to the MRS / MRS2 system at the time).

2. Place the stylus tool into the retaining hole at the rear of the SCP600 port.

3. Release the SCP600 lid so that the stylus tool holds the lid.

4. Take 4 points on the top face of the docking plate (plane 1).

5. Take 4 points in the circle at the rear of the SCP600 port docking plate (circle 1).

6. Create the datum for this port as follows:

X and Y axis origin = circle 1

Z axis origin = plane 1 – (stylus length + ½ stylus ball diameter + 8.4 mm)

7. Store this datum as the datum for the port.

8. Identify the port by placing the port identification label into the recess on the front of the port.