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Application - scanning

The probe stylus moves across the surface of the work piece of known or unknown profile by servo control of the CMM with regard to stylus deflection.  This is ideal for the inspection or modelling of forms and shapes which are not standard geometric elements, are complex or which require full profile measurement (i.e. cam profiles, turbine blades, moulds etc).  Scanning gives much higher data acquisition rates than are possible using conventional probing methods.  Large amounts of information about a surface can be collected in a short time, for example hundreds of point around a bore, giving more confidence in measurement results than touch trigger probing in the same period.

WARNING: There is no overtravel protection in the +Z axis other than an end stop.  Your control system must therefore be able to stop the motion of the machine in the +Z axis of the probe before the end stop is reached.  If this is not the case safety glasses must be worn when operating or observing the operation of the SP600M system in case of stylus breakage.