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SCR600 mounting plate insert

When using SCR600 with any of the range of SP600 probes with an aquablast finish it is necessary to fit these inserts otherwise problems may occur with the port lids staying open after a stylus change.

Any SCR600 manufactured prior to 2000 does not have the slots to allow for this insert to be fitted.  If you do have a rack that is pre 2000 then you will need to contact your local Renishaw service centre for an RBE replacement.  The image belows shows a top elevation of an SCR600 manufactured before and after 2000.

SCR600 rack mounting plate top elevation

Retrofitting SCR600 mounting plate inserts

Hold down port lids 1 and 2 and insert the mounting plate into the slot shown as below.  Ensure that the mounting plate is fully inserted into the slot.  Hold down port lids 3 and 4 and repeat the process.  Please note that the middle slot on the SCR600 does not require a mounting plate to be inserted.

Inserting mounting plate to SCR600