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High precision tool setting arms

For tool measuring and broken tool detection on 2-axis and 3-axis CNC lathes and grinding machines.

Reduce setting times by up to 90% and improve your process control

Your turning centres represent a large capital investment – fast metal removal and the ability to produce intricate parts are just some of the machine's many assets. But your machines are only profitable when they are cutting metal. Then why are they idle for hours?

Simple. Many companies are still setting tools and parts manually and inspecting parts off the machine – both result in an expensive piece of equipment lying idle, which means that every day you have unprofitable downtime. A Renishaw high precision tool setting arm will help you to reduce that downtime.

Reduce scrap, enhance productivity and increase profits - Renishaw tool setting probes can keep your machining process under control.

HP arm system kits


Kits comprise of:

  • Tool setting arm
  • RP3 probe
  • Rear exit hub and base
  • TSI 3 interface
  • Installation and User guide


Kit comprises of:

  • Tool setting arm
  • RP3 probe
  • Rear exit base and stand
  • TSI 2 interface
  • Installation and User guide

High-precision tool setting arms


Kit comprises of:

  • Tool setting arm
  • MP250 or LP2
  • Side exit hub and base
  • HSI and/or TSI 3 interface
  • Installation and User guide

Choose the perfect high-accuracy tool setter for your application

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High-precision removable arm

A ‘plug-in' arm which is manually placed into the machine tool and locked into a repeatable kinematic location. It is then removed once the tool setting process is completed.

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High-precision pull-down arm

A manually actuated arm, that uses an innovative rotary mechanism that automatically locks the arm into a repeatable kinematic location, with no additional adjustment or locking device required.

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High-precision motorised arm

An electrically powered arm. Rapid repeatable actuation allows in-process tool setting and broken tool detection without the need for operator intervention.

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High-precision generic arm

A highly repeatable 3-axis motorised solution for tool setting and workpiece inspection with improved robustness and adaptability on grinding machines and CNC lathes.


Next steps

Contact your local sales representative if you think HP arms and RP3 tool setting probe is right for you.

HP arms app (web image)

Find out more

The HP arms app provides engineers with an interactive support app for the range of Renishaw high precision tool setting arms. The app makes configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting tasks simple with easy-to-follow animations and step-by-step instructions.

  • Supports HPMA, HPPA and HPRA high precision tool setting arms
  • Easy-to-follow animation and step-by-step instructions
  • Includes arm and RP3 configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting tasks

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Also available in China via Baidu, Tencent and Huawei.

RP3 tool setting probe

For installation manuals, user guides and compliance information, visit our technical support library.

  • Compatible with the full range of Renishaw M4 styli
  • Standard fit on HP series tool setting arm (HPRA, HPPA and HPMA)
  • Flexibility – kit available for OEM installations
  • Large 9° of overtravel – increases the durability of the probe

The Renishaw advantage

At Renishaw, we enjoy an excellent reputation for offering strong support to our customers through a network of over 70 service and support offices worldwide.

Get technical support, training and advice or purchase spares and accessories from our well-stocked Online store.


A tool setting kinematic probe for turning machines that can also be used for workpiece set-up. Suitable for OEM installation into purpose-built holders. It utilises a universal M4 stylus mounting, allowing the full range of Renishaw styli to be used. Connection from the probe terminals to the interface cable is made easy with the availability of an OEM kit. The short body length provides significant advantages in tool setting applications with all the benefits of traditional Renishaw touch-trigger probes.