Product A-2237-1304, SH25-4 stylus holder for SM25-4

SH25-4 stylus holder for SM25-4

Product code: A-2237-1304

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The SH25 range of stylus holders enables accurate scanning measurements with effective stylus lengths ranging from 20 mm - 400 mm. They have a kinematic coupling that connects to their respective SM25 scanning modules to provide a repeatable connection that eliminates the need for probe requalification after a change. The stylus holders are designed to only fit with their respective scanning module. They should be used with Renishaws M3 range of styli.

The SH25-4 stylus holder has an effective stylus reach of 220 mm - 400 mm.

Please note: The SH25-1/2/3/4 holders are recommended for use with linear stylus arrangements, while the SH25-5 and SH25-2A/3A/4A holders are recommended for use with cranked and star stylus arrangements.

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