Equator™ basic styli kit in storage box (9 x styli, 1 x SH25-2A)

Product code: A-5504-0281

  • Equator™ styli kits
  • Equator™ styli kits

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Contains 15 most commonly used styli.

Equator styli/storage kits contain styli most commonly used by Equator users and are available in three versions, at package prices lower than the sum of the contents.

The kits have been designed to provide a storage solution for up to six assembled stylus tools. With all the kits contained within the same box, extra styli can be stored in the spare locations. All styli are also available separately.

M3 styli are intended for use in straight configurations, while lighter M2 styli and adaptors are included for cranked and star styli applications.

Part numberDescriptionQuantity
A-5504-2081 Equator styli storage box 
A-5000-3603 M2 Ø2 mm ruby ball, stainless steel stem, L 20 mm straight stylus3
A-5000-3627M2 5-way styli centre, L 7.5 mm 
A-5000-8663M2 Ø1 mm ruby ball, tungsten carbide stem, L 27.5 mm, EWL 20.5 mm straight stylus 
A-5003-0470M2 Ø6 mm ruby ball, ceramic stem, L 50 mm, EWL 50 mm straight stylus 1
A-5004-7586 M2 stainless steel extension, L 20 mm 
A-5000-3552M3 Ø2 mm ruby ball, stainless steel stem, L 21 mm, EWL 9.6 mm straight stylus1
A-5003-0053 M3 Ø2 mm ruby ball, tungsten carbide stem, L 40 mm, EWL 32.5 mm straight stylus 
A-5004-7583 M3 stainless steel extension, L 20 mm 
A-5004-7592M3 to M2 stainless steel adaptor, L 5 mm 
A-2237-1702SH25-2A stylus holder for SP25-21
A-5004-7582 M2 and M3 stylus tool 

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