REVO® datum ball kit, Ø30 mm

Product code: A-5759-0410

  • REVO datum ball 30 mm kit
  • REVO datum ball 30 mm kit
  • REVO® datum ball 30 mm kit

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A datum sphere option for use with REVO-2

The REVO Ø30 mm ceramic sphere is used to calibrate RSP2 probe configurations and provides lower measurement uncertainty and reduced calibration times.

Part Number Description Quantity
A-3060-4555 Adapter Stud C- Spanner 1
M-5759-0133 REVO datum ball 1
A-5759-0415 REVO datum ball storage box 1
M-5759-0411 Pillar Extension 1
M-5759-0685 REVO datum ball base 1
M-1034-0014 M10 adaptor stud 1
M-1034-0015 M8 adaptor stud 1
M-1034-0016 M6 adaptor stud 1
M-1034-0017 3/8" UNC adaptor stud 1
M-1034-0018 5/16" UNC adaptor stud 1
M-3060-4451 Tommy bar 1

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