ADTi-100 (Advanced diagnostic tool) for VIONiC, QUANTiC and ATOM DX incremental readheads

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The ADTi-100 is a set-up and diagnostic tool specifically designed to be used with Renishaw's VIONiC, QUANTiC and ATOM DX incremental encoders. It acquires comprehensive real-time data which is displayed via the user-friendly Renishaw ADT View software interface.

It can be used connected directly to the readhead powered from the USB port or an external 5 Vdc supply, or in-line between the readhead and the controller as part of the control loop. It is connected to a Windows® tablet or a PC via a USB cable in conjunction with the ADT View software.

Technical documentation

ADTi-100 + ADT View software Features / benefits:

  • Real-time remote monitoring to aid readhead adjustment
  • Visual indication of signal size
  • Visual indication of reference mark phasing
  • Visual indication of limit switches
  • Visual indication of readhead pitch
  • Quick remote calibration of the incremental and reference mark signals
  • Visual indication and switching of AGC (Auto Gain Control) status
  • Displays signal strength versus position along the full axis to optimise the installation
  • DRO output
  • Lissajous output
  • Ability to save data as CSV file

Compatible readheads:


Available online:

V2BCY30D20A, VIONiC readhead
V2BCX10D08A, VIONiC readhead
A4L0Y00Z10F, ATOM DX readhead
A4A0X15A10F, ATOM DX readhead
A4A0Y15A10F, ATOM DX readhead
Q4BCD30D08E, QUANTiC readhead
Q4BCA30L00T, QUANTiC readhead
Q4BCZ30D12E, QUANTiC readhead

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