RMP40 QE probe (radio/radio)

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  • RMP40 radio probe
  • RMP40 radio probe

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RMP40 QE probe kit including batteries and tool kit.

The RMP40 QE is a standard-accuracy touch-trigger probe for automated workpiece set-up and inspection.

The robust transmission protocol and small body make the RMP40 the ideal choice for multi-tasking applications where the line-of-sight between probe and interface cannot always be maintained.

The RMP40 QE probe is compatible with RMI-QE and RMI-Q interfaces. It is not compatible with the RMI interface. 

Technical table

Transmission typeRadio

Key features and benefits:

• Proven kinematic design
• Secure frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
• Globally recognised 2.4 GHz waveband compliant with radio regulations in all major markets
• Ultra-compact design
• Increased environmental protection
• 1.00 µm 2σ repeatability
• Provides an increase of up to 400% in battery life compared with previous generation probes

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