Ti analogue output (1 Vpp) interface for TONiC™ encoder readheads

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Ti0000A00A is a Ti interface for use with TONiC readheads, in the form of a robust convenient connector. It has industry standard 1 Vpp analogue outputs and a maximum speed of 10 m/s.

The Ti0000A00A has a 15-way D-type output for direct connection to the machine controller, or via an extension cable (of up to 50 m). It also features a push button to initiate readhead calibration or to switch Auto Gain Control (AGC) on/off.

Ti interfaces are also available with interpolated digital output from 5 µm to 1 nm resolution. For further information please visit the TONiC series page

Technical table

Cable termination15-way D type
Readhead accessory typeInterfaces

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