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This document is intended as a guide to initial installation, integration and use of the Renishaw SP600 family of analogue measurement probes. It assumes that you will be using the Renishaw AC1 or AC2 analogue counter PC card to interface the probe. If you intend to handle probe interfacing yourself then details of probe signals, power requirements etc. can be found in the pages listed below:

This will significantly increase the complexity of the integration process and use of the AC1 or AC2 is strongly recommended.

Principles of operation

The motion of the SP600 is based on a system of parallel operating springs that support an arrangement of three light emitting diodes (LEDs). The triangular shaped light-box is mounted on, and moves with the motion system. Inside the light box there are three LEDs one for each axis. The light from the LEDs is focused into slits and shine onto three individual position sensitive detectors (PSDs) that are fixed to the body of the probe. The linearity specification of the PSDs used in the probe is better than 0.25%.