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Produce job set‑up and measurement routines with minimal programming knowledge.

Simple programming.

Work offsets updated for accurate component positioning.

Results and errors stored in macro variables.

About EasyProbe software

EasyProbe has been designed to enable operators with minimal knowledge of G-code programming to perform simple job set‑up and component measurement tasks.

Using a supplied installation utility to suit compatible CNC machine tool makes and models, EasyProbe provides a wide range of measurement cycles, including: four point bore/boss; two point web/pocket; angle find; single‑surface measure; probe length; and stylus offset calibration.

Features and benefits

  • Simple programming: minimal operator skill required.
  • Updating of work offsets for accurate component positioning.
  • Storing of measurement results and errors to macro variables.
  • Protected positioning enabled.
  • Can be used in MDI mode, or have cycles written to a part program for automatic operation.

Relevant literature