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SupaTouch technology

Automatic measurement cycle optimisation for machine tools.

SupaTouch technology - intelligent probing cycle optimisation

SupaTouch technology is embedded within the latest versions of Inspection Plus software and intelligently delivers the fastest possible cycle time without compromising accuracy and repeatability.

A simple optimisation routine calculates the measurement capability of the system to determine the optimum measuring and positioning feedrates for the probe.

Minimise cycle time

SupaTouch makes intelligent in-process decisions to deliver significant improvements in cycle time based on the capability of the machine tool.

Optimised feedrates

Calculation of the fastest possible measuring and positioning feedrates for the machine tool.

Automatic measurement selection

Automatic selection of a one-touch or two-touch measurement depending on what will be fastest for that specific measurement point.

Probe back-off distance

Automatic calculation of the optimised probe back-off distance leads to further improvements in cycle time.

Improved metrology

Inspection Plus with SupaTouch technology significantly improves metrology.

Ability to distinguish between the real and electronic probe length (length when triggered). This provides a significant advantage when using 3D vector probing cycles as it ensures the probe is correctly positioned for each measurement.

Accurate metrology in all directions is made possible by automated, 'on-the-fly' calculation of the stylus ball radius for every measurement move.

Measurements taken in the probe acceleration and deceleration zones are remeasured at a constant velocity to ensure accurate metrology.

From simple prismatic to more complex 3D cycles, Inspection Plus with SupaTouch can improve accuracy and repeatability in all directions. The image below illustrates typical improvements that can be achieved.

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