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Tool setting software

Tool setting software for contact and non‑contact tool setting probe systems.

Tool length and/or diameter setting.

Manual or automatic (programmed) positioning.

In‑cycle broken tool detection (where applicable).

About Renishaw tool setting software

Tool setting software for machining centres

Renishaw tool setting software allows you to set tool length and diameter offsets for single point and multiple point tools, perform in-cycle broken tool detection and manual or automatic (programmed) positioning.

The tool setting software is available for both types of tool setting and broken tool detection technologies: contact and non-contact.

Contact tool setting

OTS optical transmission tool setting probe

Renishaw contact tool setting software ensures the ability to reseat after triggering to within 1 µm, which is fundamental for repeatability and good metrology. From simple length and radius checking to broken tool detection, this technology is available for all of Renishaw's contact tool setters.

Non-contact tool setting


Renishaw non-contact tool setting software is capable of radial and linear profile checking, cutting edge condition monitoring, fast cycle times and advanced functionality.

Tool setting software for turning centres

Renishaw tool setting software for turning centres sets tool length and/or diameter for static and powered tools. It has manual or automatic (programmed) positioning capability.

Please see the Probe software for machine tools: programs and features data sheet (below) for a full listing of the controller models currently supported by our tool setting software range.

Software development for additional controllers is on‑going. Please contact your local Renishaw representative if your controller is not currently listed.


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