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Set and Inspect

Seamless integration with a wide range of CNC controls for machine tools.

Simple, intuitive and yet powerful

Set and Inspect is a simple, intuitive, on-machine probing app for customers who require an easy-to-use probing solution. Set and Inspect is perfect for users who are new to probing and those with little machine code knowledge, whilst still offering operational benefits to more experienced users. The app is installed onto a Windows® based CNC control or Windows tablet connected to the control via Ethernet.

Significantly reduce data entry errors and programming times

Minimal training required - Set and Inspect supports part setting, inspection and tool setting cycles.

Ease of use

So easy to use that only minimal user training and product documentation is necessary, users can get up and running immediately, making the app perfect for those who have little to no probing experience or machine code knowledge.

The user simply handwheels the probe into position, selects a probing cycle from the menu and completes the user input fields. The app does the rest, automatically generating the required machine code for the probing cycle and loading it to the control, significantly reducing data entry errors and programming times.

The Program builder feature helps users to quickly create more complex probing routines that can be embedded into an automated manufacturing process. When Set and Inspect is combined with the complementary Reporter app, users are provided with immediate access to component and tool measurement data that can be viewed on or off the machine tool.

Flexible and adaptable

Set and Inspect is an innovative machine tool app that supports part setting, part inspection, contact and non-contact tool setting cycles. The app is perfect for users with no probing experience, or for existing probe users who want to simplify and revitalise their current probing system.

Set and Inspect provides seamless integration with a wide range of CNC controls. For controls that are not Windows based, Set and Inspect can be installed onto a Windows tablet and connected to a machine tool control via Ethernet.

Set and Inspect drives manufacturing process improvements

Find out how our customers are using our range of machine tool apps to simplify their manufacturing process.

The new Hartrol Plus Controller has been designed to make our machines easy to use. Set and Inspect is the perfect addition as its graphical user interface means that operators can program machine tool probing routines with ease.

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