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Productivity+™ – PC-based probe software for machining centres

Interactive programming of inspection routines, tool setting and machine updates.

Comprehensive set of measurement routines.

Logic statements for on‑machine decision making and process control.

Detailed reporting of inspection and updates.

Productivity+ provides a simple-to-use programming environment for incorporating measurement and inspection probe routines and in‑process decision making into machining cycles.

Features and benefits

  • No G-code programming experience required.
  • Ability to program direct from solid models.
  • Comprehensive database of Renishaw probes.
  • Program visualisation detects potential probe collisions.
  • Constructs virtual features from existing geometry.
  • Incorporates probe qualification and tool setting routines.
  • Reports on feature geometry, tolerance and updates.
  • Embeds probing routines into existing machining code.
  • In-process control, decision making and adaptive programming.
  • Inspects the component before it leaves the machine tool.
  • Extends functionality through custom macros.

How-to movies


It can simplify a wide range of common tasks, such as component set‑up and part verification, and can assist in three core areas of a machining process.

  • Predictive: process‑setting tasks – such as job set‑up, part and tool identification – implemented before machining to ensure that the process runs smoothly.
  • Active: in‑process control tasks – such as tool condition monitoring, tool geometry updates and adaptive machining – implemented during machining to allow adaptation to variations in real‑time cutting conditions.
  • Informative: post‑process reporting tasks provided after machining to provide users with information about a completed process and to help with decision-making for subsequent operations and processes.


Productivity+ is available in two application formats:

  • Active Editor Pro: a standalone editor package for users of other CAM systems.
  • Productivity+ Scanning Suite: an integrated on-machine scanning measurement system

Partners and integrators

The Productivity+ API is available for CAM vendors to integrate into their own software applications, providing their users with the ability to directly incorporate Renishaw measurement and inspection probe routines and in-process decision making into machining programs.

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