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RLD10 no internal interferometer

Combining the ease and performance of Renishaw's unique fibre optic delivery system with application specific optical configurations.

Containing a unique multi-channel fringe detection system, laser shutter and integrated beam steerer allows the RLD to be easily introduced into specialist applications.

The RLD10-XX head is only available as a 0° variant.

Features and benefits

  • Custom optical solutions - containing no internal optics allows for the RLD to be configured for external optics to cover a range of applications.
  • Calibration measurements - suitable for use with the Renishaw calibration optics range allowing for straightness, angular and linear measurements.
  • Vacuum compatible - also compatible with the RVI20 for relative measurements between two features.


Plane mirror applicationsRetroreflector applications
Axis travel0 m to 1 m0 m to 4 m
Resolution (Configured with RLU)Analogue quadrature = λ/4 (158 nm)
Digital quadrature = 10 nm
RPI20 resolution = 38.6 pm
Analogue quadrature = λ/2 (316 nm)
Digital quadrature = 20 nm
RPI20 resolution = 77.2 pm

System non-linearity error* (SDE)

*excludes interface

<±2.5 nm below 50 mm/sec with >70% signal strength
<±7.5 nm at 1 m/sec with >50% signal strength
<±5 nm below 100 mm/sec >70% signal strength
<±13 nm at 2 m/sec with >50% signal strength
Maximum speedUp to 1 m/secUp to 2 m/sec

Product information