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RLD10 plane mirror interferometer

Plane mirror interferometers suitable for XY stage applications.

RLD10 detector heads house the interferometer optics, a unique multi-channel fringe detection system, laser shutter and integrated beam steerer. Both 0° and 90° variants of the RLD10 detector head are available.

Features and benefits

  • Dual axis solutions - dual axis plane mirror systems are the ideal solution for XY stage applications.
  • High resolution - plane mirror systems can also be used for applications where a higher resolution is required when compared with retroreflector systems.
  • Sensitive environments - plane mirror interferometer detector heads are also available as a low power variant. Suitable for applications requiring a power dissipation lower than the specified < 2 W of the standard RLD10.
RLD detector heads with mirrors


Axis travel 0 m to 1 m
Resolution (configured with RLU)

Analogue quadrature = λ/4 (158 nm)
Digital quadrature = 10 nm
RPI20 resolution = 38.6 pm

System non-linearity error* (SDE)

*excludes interface

<±2.5 nm below 50 mm/sec with >70% signal strength
<±7.5 nm at 1 m/sec with >50% signal strength
Maximum speedUp to 1 m/sec

Non-vacuum applications require some form of refractive index compensation to maintain accuracy under fluctuating environmental conditions. Renishaw offers the RCU10 real-time quadrature compensation system to compensate for these variances.

Resolutions to 38.6 picometres can be achieved by integrating an RPI20 parallel interface into the RLE system. This interface accepts differential analogue 1 Vpp sine / cosine signals and provides a parallel format output. For more information on our accessories see RCU10 compensation system and laser encoder interfaces.

Product information