FCR25TC thermally controlled change rack (triple-port unit for MRS system)

Product code: A-2237-1408

  • FCR25TC thermally controlled change rack

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The FCR25TC is a triple port unit which has been designed to provide unmatched flexibility where rapid automatic changing of the scanning modules is required. The FCR25TC is powered by a standard 24V mains supply that is supplied with the unit. This permits the ports to be heated to bring the module to the same temperature as that of a powered SP25M probe. Renishaw strongly recommends the use of FCR25TC to ensure optimum performance when changing the scanning modules of the SP25M probe system. To change any other components of the SP25M system, a FCR25 should be used.

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Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
A-2237-1408FCR25TC thermally controlled change rack unit1
A-2237-1415FCR25 port adapter insert kit1

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