RTLA30-S linear encoder tape scale (30 µm scale pitch, for RESOLUTE™ readheads)

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A-9763-0050 is a 0.5 m (500 mm) length of RTLA30-S absolute encoder tape scale, compatible with RESOLUTE encoder readheads.

RTLA30-S is a 30 µm pitch low-profile stainless steel tape scale.

RTLA30-S is applied to the substrate with self-adhesive backing tape, which is formulated to enable the scale to expand independently of the machine substrate. To complete the installation, the scale is clamped at one point to provide a datum position. 

Technical table

Accuracy (± µm)5
Coefficient of thermal expansion10.1 µm/m/°C
Mount typeSubstrate independent
Scale length (m)0.5
Scale pitch (µm)30
Scale typeAbsolute

Technical documentation

RTLA30-S  Features / Benefits:

  • Quick and simple application using Renishaw's scale applicator 

  • Low-profile stainless steel tape scale
  • High solvent immunity
  • Cut-to-length flexibility 


Compatible readheads:


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For more details on this and other Renishaw encoder scales please visit our scales page

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