MCG, 151 mm single arm kit

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Renishaw's Machine Checking Gauge (MCG) provides a simple method of monitoring CMM volumetric accuracy (to ISO 10360-2 standards) at regular intervals between annual service and re-calibration, or after a collision. The results give assurance that measurements taken on the CMM are accurate, or give conclusive proof that servicing or re-calibration work is needed. The process is quick and cost effective, typically taking between 10-20 minutes. A range of pillar heights and arm lengths are available so that volumetric accuracy can be checked on both large and small CMMs.

Technical table

Arm length (mm)151
Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
A-1007-0008MCG 151 mm arm1
A-5000-7650MCG stylus1
A-1007-0017MCG pivot1
A-1007-0018MCG weight1
A-1007-0061MCG base plate1
M-1007-0024127 mm MCG pillar1
P-TL01-0150Hex wrench 1.5 mm A/F1
A-1015-7645MCG small kit box1

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