Product OMP40-NS-KIT, OMP40-2 kit

OMP40-2 kit

Product code: OMP40-NS-KIT

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Ultra compact 3D touch-trigger probe with optical signal transmission. Used for workpiece set-up inspection on small and medium machining centres and the growing number of high speed machines fitted with small HSK and spindle tapers.
Compatibility with all Renishaw optical receivers enables users to easily upgrade existing installations.
This OMP40 Probe kit includes a OMP40-2 probe, OMM-2 (25m), OSI interface (multiple), a receiver mounting bracket, a 50mm and 100mm ceramic styli with a 6mm ruby ball, and a sealtite kit. 

Part Number  Description  Quantity
A-4071-0001 OMP40-2 probe 1
A-5492-0051 OMM-2 (25m cable) 1
A-5492-2000 OSI Interface (multiple) 1
A-2033-0830 Receiver mounting bracket 1
A-5000-3709 50mm ceramic styli  1
A-5000-3712 100mm ceramic styli 1
A-4113-0306 Sealtite kit 1


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