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RMP40 kit

Product code: RMP40-NS-KIT

  • RMP40 radio probe

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The RMP40 is the smallest frequency hopping radio spindle probe in the world. Operating within the globally recognised 2.4 GHz ISM band, the RMP40 is suited for operation on all sizes of machine.
The robust transmission protocol and small body makes the RMP40 the ideal choice for multi-tasking applications where the line-of-sight between probe and interface cannot always be maintained.
This RMP40 radio includes a RMP40 probe, an RMI-Q radio machine interface, a receiver mounting bracket, a 50mm and 100mm ceramic styli each with a 6mm ruby ball, and a sealtite kit. 

Part Number  Description Quantity
A-5480-0001 RMP40 Probe  1
A-5492-0050 RMI-Q interface (15m) 1
A-2033-0830 Receiver mounting bracket 1
A-5000-3709 50mm ceramic styli 1
A-5000-3712 100mm ceramic styli 1
A-4113-0306 Sealtite kit 1


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