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Quick and easy to use software for XL-80 and XM-60 laser measurement.

CARTO software suite guides the user through the workflow of the measurement process, from setting up a test to analysing the data.

The intuitive user interface and the flow of the software matches the easy set-up of the XM-60 multi-axis calibrator and XL-80 laser.

As part of our continuous improvement strategy, there will be regular releases of CARTO to add measurement types and features to support XM-60 and XL-80. See CARTO release comparison tables for more details on XL-80 laser functions in CARTO.

Features and benefits

The CARTO suite is made up of three applications; Capture to collect laser interferometry data, Explore to provide powerful analysis to international standards and Compensate to easily minimise all geometric errors in your machine.

CARTO features a database system which automatically stores and organises data for the user. This simplifies operation and allows users to quickly and easily compare data across multiple machines over time.


  • Choose between 'target-based mode' or 'free-run mode' ('free-run mode' is only available with XM-60) to suit your application.
  • Dynamic data fit functionality allows XM-60 users to capture straightness measurements dynamically.
  • Automatic sign detection. The directions of measured errors are automatically determined relative to the machines axes, reducing human error.
  • Intuitive user interface allows new users to begin capturing data quickly with minimum fuss.
  • Step-by-step flow for efficient navigation.


  • Produce customised test reports with only a few clicks using Report builder.
  • Overlay multiple results to see comparisons easily.
  • Produce combined PDF results with all six error channels displayed in the format of the required international standards (available for XM-60 only).
  • Easily import legacy files to the database using file importer function.
  • XK10 straightness and parallelism analysis feature provides analysis and comparison of straightness files captured using the display unit.

Free-run mode (XM-60 only)

  • Two straightness errors and three angular errors are all plotted against linear position.
  • Capture data immediately, without having to define the positions or even the number of targets. Perfect for on-the-fly investigations.
  • Triggering can be manual (with a key press), automatic (based on stability of position) or continuous (captured during motion at a user-defined interval).
  • Visual adjustments gauges give a live display of each error channel for feedback whilst making adjustments to the machine

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Software download

Release 4.2 SP1 - Issued January 2021: Combined installer for Capture, Explore and Compensate. File importer enables users to transfer files from LaserXL to CARTO.

PC requirements

Windows 10 64-bit (version 1607 or greater), minimum 2 GB available hard disk space, minimum 2GB of RAM, screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or above, PDF viewer. This installer will also install, if not already installed: .NET 4.7.2 and Visual C++ runtimes for 2019.

Note: this version is not compatible with Windows 7/8 or 32-bit PC's. For existing users, a minimum of CARTO 2.2 SP1 is required to upgrade to latest version.

Download CARTO