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GoProbe frequently asked questions

Which Renishaw probes can be used with GoProbe cycles?

A wide range of Renishaw machine tool touch‑trigger probes and contact tool setters are supported. (see compatibility list).

Which machine tool controllers are compatible with GoProbe cycles?

Brother, Fanuc/Meldas, Makino, Mazak machining centres, Okuma machining centres, Siemens. (See compatibility list).

Does GoProbe work with SupaTouch technology?

Yes, GoProbe cycles and SupaTouch technology are supported in the latest versions of Inspection Plus. GoProbe cycles will therefore be able to take advantage of the reduced cycle time and improved metrology offered by SupaTouch technology.

What is the accuracy of the calibration pin in the GoProbe training part?

The specification of the calibration pin is diameter 4.998/5.000 mm; roundness 0.0001 mm.

What hardware is required for probe‑on‑probe calibration?

This is limited to the Primo™ part setter with either the Primo 3D tool setter or Primo LTS.

Are all Inspection Plus cycles available with GoProbe?

No, some of the more advanced cycles are not supported. Cycles not currently supported are:

Single‑angled surface

Angled pocket/web

Bore/boss on PCD

Stock allowance

Feature‑to‑feature measurement

The Inspection Plus optional inputs F (percentage feedback), M (true tolerance position), U (upper tolerance limit), V (null band) or W (print function) are not available with GoProbe.

Note: Twin spindle probes are not supported by GoProbe.

What version of Android is required for the GoProbe app?

Version 4.0 and above.

What version of iOS is required for the GoProbe app?

iOS 7 and above.

Is there a charge for the GoProbe app?

No, the GoProbe app is available to download free of charge.

What size is the GoProbe app?

Approximately 20MB.

I have lost my GoProbe pocket guide, quick-reference tool, training part, training kit; where can I get a replacement?

A replacement training kit or replacements of individual components can be obtained from your local Renishaw office. Copies of the pocket guide, programming manual and the e-learning course are available from the GoProbe downloads page.